Cheers to our embarassing moments!

There are many levels of embarrassment one can experience. Some may be mildly shamefull, some may be a bit more disstresful and some, surprisingly, are fun moments after a while. It depends on the context and the people who share these moments with you. Well beer and embarassing moments go hand in hand sometimes and when shared with true friends they can not be but fun moments. Have you ever laughed so hard over something that your stomach pains? These are the kind I am refering to. Beer unleashes your imagination and along with friends, who knows what will happen next! One thing is for sure, we all have been through some, and I for instance do not regret even one. Here are a few that might have occured to you or someone you know. I hope they draw a smile on your face!

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Cheers to Greece!

Greece is a wonderful place that has so much to offer. Despite all the well know commodities it produces, like olive oil, Greece is also producing beer. Greek beers derive from the natural resaurces of its pure land and the result is very satisfying. This is also reflected to the augmenting market share these beer brands are slowly against colossal and well established beer brands, like Heineken and Amstel.  Although they are not very big at the moment I hope that someday they will get more fame. After all Greece is famous for it’s natural products, why not for its beers? Here are some of the popular Greek beer brands one should try to taste when visiting beautiful Greece.

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Cheers to all the champions!


The world is full of people who attempt to break numerous world records of all kinds. They are the dreamers, or the crazy ones as some say. Each year new ideas are tested and old world records are beaten. Of course beer records have also been achieved. Not one, not two, but ten amazing beer related world records, so that we know of . I hope that the creativity of people will not stop and new tries will be set into motion in the near future. After all, accomplishing ‘improbabilities’ make a good story and set challenges for the next. Enjoy the visionary power of the human mind!

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Cheers to the dream job!

Have you ever wondered what your dream job is? I mean, that one job that would perfectly match with who you are and what you are fond of. For me it’s a combination of your passions, hobbies and skills put into action. But realistically that is quite impossible, thus I truly envy people who feel that they have their dream job and I hope someday I will find mine. I stumbled upon  this article the other day and I got really jealous. Who doesn’t love vacation and beer? Imagine if you could travel, have fun, taste a vast range of beers around the world and get payed for it. That is a dream job for the majority of the beer lovers.We could be perfect at this I guess!

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Cheers to all us weirdos!

movies beer drinking the worlds end

According to me two of the best things in life is food and beer. Imagine if you could somehow enjoy a beer flavored with your favorite food. Well I had the privillege to do so yesterday. Bacon beer! The beer I tasted was Aecht schlenkerla rauchbier and it completely surprised me positevely. I even might have fallen in love with it. Anyway, the friend I was with  disliked it and when he asked me why did I find it so exquisite my anwser was simple, I like weird stuff. I like bizzare food combinations, unique beers, odd music, I have peculiar habits and I am attracted to weird people as myself. So all you weirdos embrace yourselves, I have some weird information to share.

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Cheers to science!

We all have that one person in our life that bugs us about our beer comsumption once in a while. Usually a parent,  a relative, a fitness maniac friend, a coworker  or – as it is also in my case – your significant other. Well, if you didn’t have up to date solid arguments to combat these complaints, now you do, as science has to come to your aid. There is scientific proof over the years that beer actually helps your body and health up to a certain extent. Isn’t this the best news of the day? Scientists have strived to discover the effects of consuming beer on a regular basis and the results are to our favor!


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Cheers to beer!

Here are some fun facts about our beloved beer. Some facts are related to its history which I have briefly discussed in my first blog entry and the rest are general peculiar facts, that some of you may not be aware of. It is always intriguing to discover new information about something you fancy. It is like getting to know someone, as each one of us has his own unique story. Prepare to be amazed!